Impact Modifiers


IM 30

A CPE 135A substitute that has better elongation, toughness at low temperature, and weatherability for PVC pipe, window profile, and siding applications.   

IM 90F

A cost effective, unique impact modifier that promotes fusion and melt strength, eliminating the need for a separate process aid, while also promoting dispersion in PVC matrix allowing for higher filler levels.  Used in PVC siding, fence, window and door profiles, and pipe. 

IM 240

Similar to the IM 90F, this impact modifier promotes fusion and melt strength while also promoting dispersion in PVC matrix but has much better weatherability for outdoor PVC products. 

MBS 1120

Environmentally friendly impact modifier and fusion promoter with high impact strength and toughness primarily used in clear PVC sheet and film as well as adhesives.   

DL M872

 Clear MBS (Comercially available in May 2018)