Lubricants - Waxes


OPE 915

Acid Value 16-18

316A equivalent 

MPA OPE 915 is a hard, high density, oxidized polyethylene used in water borne coatings, inks, overprint varnishes (OPV), polishes and textiles to improve surface properties including scuff and mar resistance. This is achieved by lowering the coefficient of friction at the point of contact (surface) of the material treated. In emulsions for use in textiles, this will help improve sewability and high speed fabric cutting. It may be emulsified in water and also can provide heat resistance in hot melt adhesives. Also, it is used as a metal release agent for PVC processing and for fusion control for PVC formulations. Effective for use in processing PVC regrind. 

OPE 900

 Acid Value 16-20

  • Compatible with most resin.  Very suitable for PVC profiles, pipe, plate, stabilizer because they have high viscosity, high crystallinity and acid which has obvious prompt effect for plasticizing 
  • Increase drop point and improvement of release effect and surface gloss in Paraffin compounding and Candles industry 
  • Water based emulsion for textile softener. Slip agent and abrasion prevention in aqueous printing inks. Mold release agent and Citrus fruit coating 
  • Paper sizing agent, moisture proof agent and surface-finishing agent 
  • Insulation of pipe in petrochemical industry
  • Holt melt additives 

OPE 3800

 Acid Value 0-15

  • Widely used in processing of packing materials and thermal shrink film as an external lubricant.
  • It is used as processing auxiliaries for PVC shapes, calendered sheet and film, pipes and plates to increase the surface smoothness of the processed products with dosage of 0.3 ~ 0.5%.
  • It can increase the demolding property effectively and reduce mold-cleaning time significantly in processing plastic products.
  • The product can be also used as a new-type lubricating agent with excellent performance for plastics of PVC and polyolefin, etc.  improving internal lubrication to promote increased production and improved surface characteristics.
  • It raises lubrication between plastics and metals, improves dispersion of coloring agents and provides products with nice transparency and brightness.
  • It can be used as softening and anti-puncturing agents for textiles.
  • It is also widely used in car wax and leather auxiliaries.


Special surface lubricant that is anti-adhesive and anti-static with good dispersion properties. A multi-functional additive for LLDPE and PP film granules. 

Paraffin Wax

Helps regulate fusion and reduce PVC adhesion to metal surfaces.

Synthetic Waxes:

- MPA PW50

- MPA PW70

Fischer-Tropsch Waxes

Synthetic wax used for metal release in PVC.  It can replace paraffin or be used with paraffin in a lubricant package to create an even better metal release lubricant that also helps regulate fusion.

Can also be used to replace paraffin in candles.

PVC Grade:

- MPA FT H95

- MPA FT H110

Candle Grade:

- MPA FT 52

- MPA FT 60

Other Lubricants


Epoxidized Soybean Oil

Specific Gravity:  0.990 ± .008  g/cm3 

Acid Value: 0.5 Mg KOH/g

MPA Butyl Stearate

This liquid product is a processing lubricant and release agent, widely used in PVC transparent soft and hard extrusion, injection and rolling products, and polystyrene products. It can also be used for metal and fabric lubricants, waterproofing agents and lubricants, shoe polish, and cosmetics additives. It can also be used as nitrocellulose, ethyl woven plasticizer and paint film modifier.