Optical Brighteners


MPA OB 205

OB-205 is especially suitable for shaping various kinds of plastics and their products under high temperature. It has an extra ideal whitening effect on polyester-cotton blend fabric. It can be used for whitening polyester melt. 

MPA OB 101

 Recommended for applications such as: 

  • White and pastel tone paints where it intensifies the degree of whiteness 
  • Clear coats and overprint varnishes where it is used to mask the yellowish self color and also to intensify the brilliance of white and colored base coats 
  • primer and/or topcoats where it is used as marker to identify voids, holidays and uneven coverage 
  • Black and blue printing inks to increase their deep tone 
  • Printing inks for quick identification, security and safeguard against forgeries (i.e. banknote) 
  • Packaging inks as promotional tool or as tracer for packaging lines 
  • Manufacture of fluorescent pigments/dyestuffs to reinforce the brightness of certain shades, particularly blue tones 
  • Thermal dye diffusion paper to enhance paper whiteness 
  • Film base for photographic paper