Process Aids - MPA Series



Engineered to replace both process aid and liquid plasticizer in injection molding.  Promotes fusion with excellent melt flow and low viscosity. Can effectively solve butterfly marks, increase Vicat softening, and increase surface gloss.  Also works in extrusion and calendaring. 

MPA 175

Metal release process aid.  Substitute for PA-101, K-175, and P770. 

MPA 41

Medium molecular weight process aid that replaces PA 40. 

MPA 210

General purpose process aid that improves melt strength, fusion properties, and melt homogeneity. Reduces surging, melt break, and plate out. 

MPA 125

A general processing aid that promotes fusion of PVC compounds and improves the process performance of finished PVC products under low temperatures. It is mainly used for PVC profile, pipes and fitting, decoration board, and fencing etc.

Process Aids - DL Series


DL 698F

 High molecular weight process aid used in foam PVC, namely foam trim and sheet. 

DL 659

High molecular weight process aid that replaces K-125/K-175 at lower dosages in extrusion.  DL 659 improves melt strength, flow through dies, fusion properties, and has metal release properties as well as reduces die swell. 

DL 658

 High molecular weight process aid for foam core pipe and foam sheet. 

DL 587

Heat distortion modifier used specifically to raise HDT in PVC compounds.