UV Absorbers


MPA UV 135

Benzophenone-12 UV Absorber used in outdoor PVC applications.

Chimmasorb 81 and UV 531 Equivalent 


Highly-efficient UV absorbent. Absorbs UV between 270-340 nm.

Used in PVC, polystyrene, polyester, polycarbonate, Perspex,

polyethylene, ABS resin, epoxy resin and cellulose resin. It absorbs

almost no visible light, being especially fit for clear and semitransparent

products. It can be used in plastic products for food.

MPA UV 328

300-400 nm absorbance 

Used in the stabilization of styrene homo- and copolymers, acrylic polymers, unsaturated polyesters, polyvinylchloride, polyolefins, polyurethanes, polyacetals, polyvinyl butyryl, elastomers, and adhesives.    

MPA UV 328 features strong UV absorption, low initial color, excellent compatibility in a wide variety of substrates, good solubility in plasticizers and monomers, and moderately low volatility. It protects polymers as well as organic pigments from UV radiation, helping to preserve the original appearance and physical integrity of molded articles, films, sheets, and fibers during outdoor weathering. 

MPA UV 326

MPA UV 326 is a strong absorber of ultraviolet radiation in the 300 - 400nm region and has a high degree of photo-stability - photochemical energy absorbed in the ultraviolet region is dissipated as thermal energy.

Differs from MPA UV- P principally in a greater absorption of longer wavelengths, better compatibility with polyolefin, lower volatility, and suppressed ionization of the phenolic grouping.

Is less affected by alkalinity, is less likely to discolor with metals, and has less effect on metal driers and metal catalysts due to the higher dissociation constant.

It is recommended for use at levels of 0.2 - 1.0% in PP, PE, Polybutylene, Polyesters, and coatings.

It can be used in combination with phenolic & phosphite antioxidants, and HALS to optimize performance in outdoor use.

MPA UV 3039

High efficiency, liquid UV absorber suitable for system comprised partly or entirely from liquid components, such as plasticized PVC and PVC plastisols.  Insensitive to metal ions and is effective over a wide range of pH values.

Other Applications:

  • Silicone emulsions (polishes, 0.3 –1.0%)
  • Liquid inks
  • Acrylic, vinyl and other adhesives (0.3 –1.0%)
  • Acrylic resins
  • Urea–formaldehyde resins
  • Alkyd resins
  • Epoxy resins
  • Cellulose nitrate
  • PUR systems
  • Oil paints
  • Polymer dispersions

MPA UV 5411

Excellent in light stability and compatible with a wide range of polymers. Particularly recommended for using in PE, PP, PVC, ABS, polycarbonate. It is also effective to protect adhesives and elastomers. 

Other UV Absorbers


MPA UV 1844

MPA UV 1577

MPA UV 234